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Writing "The Private Investigator 5"
Friday-Book Insight  · 03. December 2021
The ending of 'The Private Investigator' series brings Gary and Joe into a case that they've seen before. I pen how I wrote the last book of this series and how women deal with domestic violence at the hands of police officers.

Writing "The Private Investigator 4"
Friday-Book Insight  · 19. November 2021
The Private Investigator 4 was one of the more important books in the series. It deals with women's safety as police officers on the force and how they aren't protected. This was a powerful story that needed to be written. I share my thoughts on writing this important book in the series.

Writing "The Private Investigator 3"
Friday-Book Insight  · 05. November 2021
Today's blog is a good one and I talk about how I wrote, "The Private Investigator 3." It's a story that deals with an inmate being killed in a prison. These cases happen often but a lot of them don't get investigated. I delve into this story line and writing this book.

Writing "The Private Investigator 2"
Friday-Book Insight  · 28. May 2021
Today's blog is an insight into how I wrote, "The Private Investigator 2." This was one of my tough books to write, but you have to click the link to find out the reason why.

Writing "The Private Investigator Part 1"
Friday-Book Insight  · 05. March 2021
This is a brief blog on how I started writing "The Private Investigator Part 1" and what went into starting this important series.