Writing "A Man's Plight 4"

‘A Man’s Plight 4’ is a book that affects the majority of men in today’s world. Financial success. Writing this book was very fulfilling for me because these are things I go through as a man. Some of the main character Evan’s story is relatable to what I went through in my life. 


Men go through so much to achieve financial success, not only for themselves but to be able to provide for their families. From a young age, we are told that we are built to be providers and that we must do whatever it takes to achieve that. The pressures to be successful are insurmountable in a world of judgment. We can’t even date if we don’t have our finances together in every aspect.


What I mean by that is, if we live at home with family or parents, we are judged for it. We should be living on our own, be making a certain amount of money and drive a nice car. There’s the societal expectation that we should have all of this by age 30. Age 30 is the prime age where we should have our lives together and that’s far from reality.


The world and the media push out these messages and show us what financial success looks like. This story was so important to write and it’s about sharing what we go through in our minds daily. Evan’s story is millions of men and what they deal with. Being told that going to college to get a degree to work in Corporate America is how life goes. That’s far from what life is and should be and I delve into investments, starting businesses and trade school (which are things that aren’t told to us). 


This book and story was necessary in a time where the world expects so much from men and it’s unfair. It’s time to give men more opportunities to speak about their struggles along with appreciating them for what they’re trying to do to better their lives. The ending of the book will be something that can help things and it’s pursuing what we love, being happy, finding love and investing into our futures.


That’s my blog, A Man’s Plight 4 is available on B&N, iTunes, Kobo and Scribd along with paperbacks on The Bookpatch.


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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