A Writer's Mind

There's always the question of how a writer creates his/her work. How do they come up with the content they do and what drives them to continually write all of the time? It's a hard question to answer for everyone but I'll be as honest as possible from my perspective.


Honestly, I've been blessed with a gift to story tell since the age of 13. I remember all of my rhyming poetry until my late teens and early twenties where I started expressing myself differently and everything didn't rhyme as much. It was a journey of growth all of these years. The past few years I've written more about the issues we face in society.


Now, in regards to my writing and how I do it. I write based off of experiences I've been through (along with friends and family) and seeing the world for what it is. Writing about things that are relatable is what my goal is at all times. My goal is to reach at least one person who can relate to what I'm saying or what I wrote about. Maybe they've been through a similar experience or they know someone who has and that opens up dialogue.


We tend not to talk openly about things we deal with and go through and my gateway is through writing poetry prose. Writing about it lets others know that I'm more open to expressing myself through that avenue. I'm a very quiet person, also observant of what's going on around me and the people that are in my life. I'm not open to people and the ones I do, I can count on one hand. This is why I'd rather express myself through writing and leave it at that. Sometimes I have more to say but I like to leave people intrigued and wondering if I'll express more of my thoughts at a later time.


Writing is my sense of relaxation and escape so I tend to avoid getting writer's block and I write down a lot of my book ideas in a book (which you'll see posts on my website). My book is basically my best friend and it goes with me most places since ideas come to me at the most random times.


Creativity and finding ways to reach the masses is what keeps me going and I enjoy the journey. Somewhere along the lines I'd like to get to a place where writing is all I do and I'm able to travel the world and experience different countries, cultures and people. I know being around different people will inspire me to write.


It's hard to turn my brain off and my mind is always in thought (a little tidbit and secret about me that a lot of people don't know). Sometimes you have to take a break from it all which I have but I'm slowly getting back to my writing.


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals.


Jamell Crouthers 



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