It's never going to be about how much talent you have, it's going to be the hard work you put in daily. The early mornings or late nights or even a combination of both. Your success will always be predicated on how much work you do and how much discipline you have to get the work done. So I implore you to always work hard at what you're great at.


You should show up and give 100% every single day, especially if you want to be the boss and the head honcho. CEOs give 110% into what they're great at and put everything on them no matter what. It's okay if you're not the CEO and you want to be the CFO or the director of operations, you still have to give 100% into what you're doing.


If you're an artist, a writer, an author, a businessman/businesswoman, there's so much time put into your work and getting better everyday. The work isn't going to do itself so buckle down and get it done. Yes, it's a beautiful day outside, or you dream of going on a vacation, or your friends are calling you to come hangout with them. You have to be willing to say no and get the work done.


I've missed weddings, family events, birthday parties, get-togethers, so many things all because I have work to do. Those same people that I passed up on spending time with, most don't even support what I'm doing and most of them are no longer in my life on a full-time basis. So just imagine if I went to all of these events and hung out, I wouldn't be where I am in regards to this work I'm doing.


See, I have a vision in my head of my journey, not even the end goal of it. I'm visualizing the whole process, me doing the work, writing these blogs, recording new content on YouTube and Instagram. I visualize publishing books and writing books I have planned out in the future. There's always work to do no matter what.


My books always have to be promoted and marketed. My podcasts need to be promoted, this website needs to reach more people. This is endless for me, I'm working on inspiring people through these blogs, changing the world with the societal issues going on around us, telling people that people who run and control this world are trying to control our minds. That's why I always work hard and give my all into what I'm going to do. That's why I write these blogs months and even a year ahead of time so I can go work on other projects that are important to me.


So when you're down in the dumps, your work will reach those its meant to in due time. It only gets easier as time goes on, remember that. Just keep doing the work though.


Be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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