Why Authors Write

Today’s blog, I want to delve into why authors write and what our journey consists of. I feel like there’s a lack of information on what we as authors go through to get our writing out to the world and the dedication it takes to complete a book and publish it. 


It’s the innate fire and drive to do something that feels good in our hearts and souls. Authors start writing and creating mostly at a young age. We don’t realize our potential until high school or way after college and we’ve learned who we are. For those who don’t go to college, those authors know that they have a gift and want to explore it.


Writers and authors deal with a lot of criticism and it’s because there are so many rules put in place regarding writing. Punctuations, formatting, sentences, structure and also dealing with so many opinions from others. We only want to write to impact others, not necessarily be perfect. 


There’s an understanding that people won’t get our message, the way we write our books and that’s okay. We are all sensitive in our own way and it’s hard to get negative feedback. Especially when we feel it’s some of our best work but we know that constructive criticism allows us to be better in our next project. 


We write to be unique in our own way, do what we love, and enjoy our journey of creativity. When we publish our content, it’s a sense of fulfillment but there’s also a lot of nerves that kick in. What matters is how we feel about our work but we also want readers and listeners to enjoy what we’ve created.


We’re constantly told we can’t make a career out of it, it’s short lived and that we should do other things. A lot of us will go on our own path and do what we love and not worry about the naysayers. Remember, support really matters and it’s hard for us to do the work we write.


Our journey takes a lot out of us so thank you for reading a blog like this. 


That's my blog for today, thanks for reading as always, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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