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Why Authors Write
Friday-Book Insight  · 07. July 2023
I want to share why authors write and create the content they do. It's a fun-filled journey but there's a lot that goes into it and this blog doesn't go into all of it but some of our journey.

To Aspiring Writers and Authors
Friday-Book Insight  · 10. March 2023
Today's blog, I share some insight and advice for aspiring writers and authors. From the journey to writing, growth, website, and everything in between. These are things I've learned along the way, the ups and downs of working to achieve greatness in what you're passionate about.

Having Discussions About Author's Content
Friday-Book Insight  · 25. June 2021
The one thing we need to do more of is discuss author's content. We need to have more conversations about author's books on social issues and work on changing the world for the better.

Upcoming Projects
Friday-Book Insight  · 04. June 2021
Today's blog is about upcoming projects I'm working on. Some really good content is coming up for 2022 so click and read this blog!

So You Want To Write A Book
People who want to write a book, this is the blog to read. I tell all of the process in order to go from idea to publishing.

Five Years As A Writer and Author
Friday-Book Insight  · 26. February 2021
Sunday February 28th makes 5 years as a writer and author. I talk about my journey and the next few years ahead and what I want to accomplish as an author.

The Do's and Don'ts With An Author
The do's and don'ts when it comes to an author. This blog is extremely important and a must read!

Music I Listened To Writing The 'Code Blue Series'
Friday-Book Insight  · 07. August 2020
To get into a zone to write the Code Blue series, I had to find the right music. I talk about how I was able to write such a powerful series about police brutality and other things going on in America today.

Writing "The Struggles and Growth Part 4"
Friday-Book Insight  · 12. June 2020
Insight into how I wrote, "The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 4."

Book Insight Introduction/50 Questions With Jamell Crouthers
Friday-Book Insight  · 22. May 2020
An introduction to Book Insight Fridays, my goal behind it and why I feel it's time for me to share how I write my books. Also, get to know me through 50 questions I answer as an author and my journey.