The World Inspires Me Daily

Everyday, I’m inspired by the world to continually write new content. From these blogs, to new books, there’s so much I immerse myself in and it’s all worth it for me. The question I ask people is what inspires them daily so they can find their love and passion. 


When I say the world inspires me, it can be anywhere from something I see while I’m out, to people I meet and have engaging conversations, it varies where my inspiration comes from. I let things come to me, I don’t force it and that’s what allows me to keep my content fresh and new daily.


For me, I’ve allowed myself to have more fun with this process than to be stuck in a rut, stressed, wondering and worrying. I write about a lot of social issues and while the content is hard to write about, I’ve made a turn for some change in my writing. I am writing more content that will inspire and bring forth more change. 


Writing, “Living Life to the Fullest,” was my start into changing the realm of my writing. While it tackles social issues, the title of the book speaks volumes and it grabs people’s attention (which was my intention). I wrote it from a different perspective and hopefully it will allow readers to understand life and it’s importance to live it to the fullest. 


When I say the world inspires me, I am a watcher, observer, listener and I utilize my senses to feel what’s going on around me. Granted I am always immersed in music, that’s my calming factor (unless I’m engaged in conversation with people). 


Stories come from watching the world, people’s experiences, my own personal experiences and all of the social stigmas that are pushed on us. The societal brainwashing that’s engulfed and encompassed our minds for so long. I’m always pushing the envelope but also trying to change the narrative of how we perceive each other. 


Let the world bring you joy, happiness, motivation and inspiration, even when things don’t seem to be the greatest. All I can do is try my hardest to continually write my blogs, write great stories and record solid podcasts. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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