The Discipline To Continually Write Books

From what statistics say, the average author writes 2-3 books and they stop. Most write their first book and never publish it and it sits on their computer never shown to the world. To develop stories consistently and daily, it’s a lot of time that I put into it.


There’s a lot of discipline that goes into writing books. The time, patience, energy and effort that’s necessary along with consistency, there’s surely an internal drive that you have to have to write books daily. None of it is easy and there’s a lot of ups and downs that come with writing books.


Authors a lot of times lose the love to continually write stories and turn them into books. Results are a contributing cause and some expect it all to happen all at once when in reality, it’s nowhere near that. By the 5th book, I was ready to walk away from it all but I had to realize and understand that this all takes time. 


Nothing worth having as far as results and greatness will come easy. There’s a love and passion for what I do. When I write my books, I immerse myself into these characters, I change my mindsets from one chapter to the next. It’s changing pairs of shoes from one character to the next. 


Too many authors lose their passion so quickly and don’t stick with what they love. I’m surely someone who is not going to go down that path. I’m passionate about bringing change to the world and getting people’s minds to think more. 


That’s my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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