The Alter Ego

There are two sides to me and the alter ego comes out. It only comes out when I go into work mode and I’m working on major projects. There’s a different person in me that goes into this zone where I can write or record for hours at a time. 


This alter ego is mentally-focused, driven, and goes to great lengths to finish what he started. If he doesn’t finish what he started, he surely comes back to it later. The goals are endless, the work is constantly being worked on and there’s no stop to how much can be done. 


The other side of me is relentless, it’s figuring out what’s next, what has to be done. It’s being in a place of comfort to get the work he wants to get done. Snap your finger and boom, it’s straight into work mode and the alter ego can go. 


There’s no writer’s block, there aren’t many stoppages, no distractions and there’s drinks, snacks and the computer. That’s all that’s needed to keep my alter ego happy and fulfilled. With everyone close to me being in a different time zone, the mental focus is even better because there’s less of a chance of there being distractions. 


How many of you have an alter ego when it comes to your work? If you do, what does it take for the alter ego to come out? When does your alter ego work best? Early mornings? Late nights? I’m a night owl and that’s when my best work is written even though I do write during the day from time to time. 


If you have an alter ego, make sure that you’re utilizing them to the best of your ability. 


That’s my blog for today, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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