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The Alter Ego
Everyone has two sides to them. Most of us have an alter ego and mine comes out when I become engulfed with my work. This is another blog where I share my deeper thoughts of my work ethic.

Shortcuts Will Not Get You Results
If you think shortcuts will get you results and success, it won't. I'm here to tell you, hard work pays off and you have to be consistent, diligent and disciplined. Today's blog goes in depth with that.

What I'm Currently Working On
Today's blog is what I'm currently working on. I try to update everyone on what I'm working on and projects I'm trying to finish daily for all of you.

My Work Ethic (Where I Get It From)
A lot goes into my work and I share where I get my work ethic from. It's not surprising but I'm thankful where I get my drive from.