Staying Mentally Focused When I Write

With social media, television and a plethora of other things to distract us, we all can lose mental focus on what we’re doing in the moment. I’m not going to lie, I get distracted from time to time when I’m working on a book or project. So how do I stay mentally focused? 


For starters, I’m thinking of the end goal, publishing the book. Along with that, I’m determining my future through my mental focus. My habits determine how far I’ll go and whether or not I’ll finish the book I’m working on. 


No matter what is going on in my life, I always set a timeframe and deadline for when I want to finish my book. Especially if I have other projects that I have to get to and work on. So sticking to the game plan is the name of the game.


The key to accomplishing everything is understanding yourself, your purpose and finishing the task. It’s never easy with the way the world is structured currently but I always ask myself, how bad do I want it? How much do I want to accomplish and achieve? That’s what keeps me going. 


Books are not easy to write, that I’ll tell you. Some books take longer than others but in the end, it’s yours and you get to share it with the world so be sure to make it a masterpiece of your vision. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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