When You're Tired, Rest and Reset

A lot of times when we are on the journey to greatness, we get tired and our minds aren’t clear and focused. What I will tell you is to rest and reset, don’t quit. Our minds can get jaded at times and we forget that our hard work will pay off down the road, not right away. 


Get the rest that you need, we don’t need to work long hours all of the time on our goals. Some days we may need to only work a few hours but just know, it’s getting you closer to your goal. Don’t feel that you need to work tirelessly until you are drained of your energy.


Our brains don’t work well and function right when we are tired and mentally drained. I’ve been down the road of feeling the pressure of having to go at it for sometimes 9-10 hours at a time in the beginning of my journey. I’ve learned to slow down and break things down into increments. 


There are days I will work 5 hours and some day I will work 3 hours, but I no longer feel the need to work a crazy amount of hours. You should do the same, I’m all for resting and slowing down in life. We need to take time for ourselves, go exercise, do something else we love to do. 


For me, I love to watch documentaries that may inspire a book idea or working out at the gym, listening to music, reading a book and sometimes literally just doing nothing at all is good for me (granted my mind is chugging away). 


Slow down, enjoy time to yourself and with those closest to you. Family and closest friends aren’t replaceable so sometimes it’s good to escape the rat race of achieving your own goals. 


Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, and know that the journey is a marathon and not necessarily a race. 


Think about what I wrote and hopefully you appreciate the advice. Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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