My Passion For What I Do

Years ago, I started seriously writing poetry and eventually I decided to write a book. I always knew I had a talent and knack for it, I just never got to a point where I decided I'm going to write something that has meaning and purpose. I always thought to myself, no one will care to read what I have to say, plus it's poetry but boy was I wrong.


I went on social media and started posting my poetry on Instagram and eventually I grew a following of my writing. I began writing about content that relates to people and gets them to think about life. A lot of what I write comes from experiences, what I'm thinking at that moment, what I'm feeling, an experience a friend has been through or something that I commonly see in today's society. 


Poetry became a sense of enjoyment and escape for me. Since I don't openly discuss my thoughts (since my mind is full of clutter), I figured people can get to know me a little more through my writing (since I'm a private person and don't let many people in). What I'm really trying to say is, pursue what you love. The bigger question is, what is your passion? What are you good at and know that it can impact others? How can you incorporate your talents and gifts and make it something that you'll enjoy doing for the rest of your life?


That’s the name of the game in life. You should enjoy what you do everyday. You should have a sense of purpose in your life (which I will post about in a future blog). It’s said, if you don’t wake up with passion, then go back to bed and figure it out, I wholeheartedly believe that. I live and breathe this, this is my life now. I wake up driven on a daily basis and I love this part of my life at this present time. 


We're not meant to be here just to pay bills and eventually die. I'm quite sure you've heard that saying before but the reality is, do what you feel is right for you, not for others. For me, I'd rather write and eventually I'll get to that place where I don't have to worry about working in an office to survive and it'll just be writing blogs like these, promoting my books and inspiring others. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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