Writing "One Drink Too Many"

When the idea came to me about 'One Drink Too Many' I didn’t have the title of the book. It was just an idea to write about drunk driving and the effects of bad decision-making. While there are books about it, I knew the book had to stand out from the rest of the pack.


The main character Eric had to come out in a way that would draw readers in and that was my intention from the get go. By starting the story in prison, it would get the reader’s attention right away and keep them drawn in. 


Next came the story of how Eric got there and the events that led up to him being imprisoned. After the introduction of him being in prison, the imagery of what prison life is like from a cell standpoint, then came his thoughts from his perspective. He shares his truth of his alcohol addiction and getting away with driving intoxicated. 


This story takes a turn when he talks about the one night he drank too much and got into a horrible car accident. That’s the truth of drunk driving, the risk of doing it and thinking that there will be no consequences. 


I enjoyed writing this book, it was one of my favorite standalone books that I’ve written so far. I look forward to writing more of these books that shine light on social issues and prevention of bad decisions by people. The goal of this book is to teach, enlighten and push people to make the right decisions in life and not make a mistake that can cost you your life or someone else’s.


One Drink Too Many is available on Bookpatch and all other bookstores!


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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