Never Tell Everyone Your Goals

The title of the blog explains itself. Now, there are two things I want you to always remember when it comes to telling people your goals. #1 there are the people who don’t want you to accomplish them (because of jealousy, they want to be like you, they don’t have goals or a combination of all three) and #2 there are the people who think they know how you should go about accomplishing your goals.


Now that that's out of the way, let me break down those two things I explained in the previous paragraph. Most people don’t see you accomplishing your big goals, that’s reality. I want to succeed with this writing so bad that I want to be legendary and I want people to know me for impacting millions. People think it’s all nice, won’t support you and when you get there will be the first ones to say "I knew you’d do it." Then when you leave them behind, they’ll say you changed. 


There are a lot of jealous people and they'll be the ones who smile in your face and you'll think they're there for you....well....they're not. They're the exact ones who think you'll be in the same place as them in the next 3-5 years or even the next 8-10 years. These are the people who don't have goals or if they do, they aren't working as fast as you and they see you getting ahead of them.


My goal is to do so well with my writing that I get speaking engagements and I can walk away from Corporate America forever. I’ve already been working 20 years already and I’m nearly 40. See, sometimes people don’t process things correctly and they think you should just go live life. Meanwhile, they wouldn’t dare do what they’re saying out of their mouths. See where I’m going with this? 


Which brings me to once again saying, don’t tell everyone your goals. Don’t follow what other people say, do things your way and what works for YOU. Because push comes to shove, most people can’t live your life, do what you do and make the decisions you’re making. 


Always remember, people want to know about your life and your goals but surely as hell won't support a thing that you're doing. The quieter you are, the more they wonder. Stay laser focused on what drives you everyday, stay motivated and inspired and know that you’re here for a reason and a purpose. 


Be good and go accomplish your goals.


Jamell Crouthers


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