I Watch Motivational Videos Daily

The title of this blog explains itself and I will explain my reasoning for writing this. For starters, most days I don't want to go to work, I just want to be home working on my craft and working on my projects. Some days, I don't want to do the work that needs to be done (which is not often because I love what I do in regards to my writing), but I do it.


Motivational videos keep you in a good place and in good spirits. Listening to people's stories and how they got to where they are is a great thing. It lets your mind know that if they did it, you can too. So everyday, I go on YouTube and I watch at least 1-2 videos on motivation, inspiration, drive, determination, accomplishing goals, work ethic, whatever it is, I watch it.


I have subscribed to plenty of channels that are associated with that. Most days, I wake up with a purpose and goals to accomplish and a reason for what I'm doing. I know that I want to inspire people to do well in life, but I also want people to know and understand that they can be a contribution to changing the way the world is.


Depending on the day, I can watch Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Thomas, Randall Pich, Tom Bilyeu, Jim Kwik, Tony Robbins and others. If I need a square kick in my ass, it’s Gary. If I need that passion, it’s E.T. It’s what keeps me going a lot of times when I’m down in the dumps. 


None of this is glamorous in any way, shape or form. It’s lonely, it’s tiring, it’s grueling, it’s tedious, it’s meticulous, it’s strategic in many ways. Being an entrepreneur takes a lot out of you and it has for nearly 5 years. 


That’s why I have a lot of motivational videos saved on YouTube for me to refer back to. It’s much needed at times when I think about walking away from this or questioning this whole process. I’m not going to lie and sugarcoat it, it’s a tough life and you can never be mentally prepared for all that will come your way. You just have to embrace it and take it all in. Experience it, learn from it and continually grow and evolve. 


Whatever it takes to keep you going when times get hard, please do it. Remember you have a purpose and a reason for your life so go and fulfill it.


Be good and accomplish your goals.


Jamell Crouthers


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