Making Decisions With Books

When it comes to making decisions regarding my books, there are a lot of books that don't make it. There are times I might think of a book idea, I'll write the title of the book, develop a quick concept for the book and then down the road decide that it's not good enough to write. I'm careful of how and why I choose to write the content that I do. 


I'm not someone who just randomly decides to write a book because it's cool and it's trendy. I spend time watching and observing the world and that's how my book ideas come to fruition. When you look at all that I've written, look at all of the social issues I've turned into books. Police brutality and corruption, men's and women's issues, domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction and a plethora of other subjects. 


It's all a process when it comes to writing these books. It takes time, I spread myself out, I make sure that I always have new content to write. I want to be sure that I write content that will impact readers and people in the world. I want to bring forth discussion and with every book I've written, that's my goal every time I turn on my laptop or open my iPad to write. 


The good part is I don't get asked how many books I think of haven't made it. I'll say 10 so far and that's in 5 years I've been writing. Will there be more? Yes for sure and some I may revisit down the road, you never know. This is part of the process of writing new books and content that matters. None of this is easy and sometimes decisions have to be made where certain books won't make the 60 on my list. 


What I can truly say is to always stay focused on the task at hand and don't get down on yourself when you haven't figured it all out at once. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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