Why I Keep My Circle Small

When you’re on this journey of growth, the reality is you won’t be able to keep everyone around. Some you will have to let go, some you will feed from a long spoon, and very few will last and stay around. That’s just how it goes, to add to it, very few people will support you fully.


I keep my circle small because it’s easier and I know who’s down for me. I keep people around me who have goals either as big as mine or bigger than mine. Where there is no jealousy, no worry about hate and they’re cheering me on or inspiring me to be great. 


My best friends know that when I’m good, I will do my part in helping them get to where they want to be. They will be the ones who I thank the most when I’m at the mountain top and even then, they won’t let me fall off. 


The biggest need for me is understanding, support, motivation and inspiration and my best friends all have that. They understand the work that has to be done, they know I’m grinding hard, the time it takes to achieve my goals and aspirations. 


Some advice to give people, keep 4-5 close friends around and that’s all you’ll need. Most people will like your content on social media, leave the comments but never support you. Have people around you that will support all that you’re doing, it goes a long way. Energy plays a huge role in how far you’ll go in life. 


With that said, I’m gone! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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