If You Write, They Will Come

The one thing I never wanted to do was write 2-3 books and expect people to come. I wanted to write a large amount of books so I have a variety. All of my books aren’t for everyone but there are some that can resonate with readers. 


What I tell people is to keep building and people will come. It’s all going to take time, patience, energy and consistent effort. For me, writing books and being consistent in publishing new ones will help me down the road. 


While the goal is to write 60 books, I want the longevity of the process to be the focus. It’s easy to jump out and start great with your first, second or even your third book. It’s hard to be consistent and write numerous books and be noticed for creating great content.


The bestseller’s list has never been my goal. It’s building a solid readership and talking about the social issues I am writing about. Being a bestseller is great and an amazing feat, I just don’t like striving for something everyone else is. 


I want to keep writing great content on social issues and step outside of my comfort zone. As long as I do that, eventually readers will come and the content I write about will start to be talked about way more. 


That’s my blog for today, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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