I Never Had Plans On Writing This Long

Does anyone ever have plans on doing certain things for long periods of time? Mostly, no but I always say I had a good five books in me and then I’d be done, ten max. But when the book ideas start coming and the world becomes your oyster, you can’t stop.


Writing became my escape and the world became my muse. It all came naturally to me, I never forced it. The ideas, the content, the planning, the book covers, sitting down to write all of the content I do, it just comes to me. I don’t get writer’s block and it’s probably because of my impeccable memory but also the brainstorming sessions ending up on paper. 


It becomes easy when everything is laid out and planned ahead of time. I knew that I had a lot of other plans and things I wanted to do but God had other plans for me. The content doesn’t come to me without him, it’s his words, not mine. It’s why I always give thanks to him when I finish my books.


Sometimes we don’t know how long we’ll do something but the best advice I can give is to let things flow. Continue to work on what you’re really good at. I never knew I could have a career doing this and here I am working toward something bigger than me. 

With that said, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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