Getting To Your Destination

I always compare my journey to driving a car to a certain destination. Now for those who know me, I love to use analogies in what I discuss because it allows you to visualize what I’m saying. This is going to be a good one here so join me on this journey.


Getting to your destination and being in the driver’s seat. You’re driving your car and your car represents your goals and with each passing city you drive past, you accomplish a goal of yours. On this road, you will have bumps in the road and those are the distractions there to get you out of focus (TV, friends, family, hangin’ out, video games, etc.). You have to make sure you have strong tires (strong will and mind) to get past those bumps in the road.


Along the way, you’ll have to make stops to get fuel in your car and to rest (getting food to give you fuel) and that will allow you to continue on your journey. There will be plenty of obstacles you’ll face which will be mother nature and the weather. You may experience cloudy skies, thunderous rainstorms, hail and potentially snow depending on where you are driving. You have to make sure to stay focused on where you’re going and your reason why. 


If you’re traveling alone, be sure to always stay focused. If you’re traveling with someone in your car, just make sure that they’re onboard with where you’re going and your final destination. Be sure that they’re your eyes and ears and are a good support system and don’t have any hidden agendas, are jealous of you or don’t want to see you succeed. 


So when I talk about traveling to your destination, this consists of plenty of things and having a good car will allow you to get to where you want to be. Make sure that the tough roads lead to greater pastures. 


That’s my blog today and I hope you enjoyed my analogical blog! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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