Feelings, Emotions, Empathy, Imagery

Whenever you write a book, you always want people to feel, emote, show empathy (if your story allows that) and create imagery (if there’s no pictures in your book). You want to create an experience with any story that is memorable (whether it’s good, bad or indifferent). 


When it comes to feelings, my goal is to make readers feel characters, whether they’re a protagonist or an antagonist. I’ve written other blogs about this with the ‘Code Blue series’ and Gary being a combination of both. Eric from ‘One Drink Too Many’ you’ll feel bad for him but he made a bad decision and it cost him his livelihood. A character like Kevin from The World We Live In series, you’ll feel empathy for him because he’s homeless.


Emoting for me means, making you smile, sad, crying or any other emotion you may experience reading any of my books. My hope is for you to experience some emotion while reading my content and to get you to think. I want you all to want change for the world and to better the planet we live on.


Empathy is huge in my books, especially with the characters that I write about. There are characters in each book series and some standalone books where you will feel empathy at some point. Not every character you will feel it, but somewhere along the lines, there will be a character that relates to you or someone you may know in your life currently.


If nothing else, imagery is the golden rule for me. It’s a necessity to put you at the scene and what the character is feeling in that exact moment. You need to visualize the place they’re at and forget for just a moment where you currently are when you are reading any of my books. It’s a game changer for me when a reader can visually go to the place that I’m writing about in my mind.


These four things are the keys to how I write my content and keep you the reader intrigued and engaged in the story. That’s my blog for today, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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