Everything Is Time For Me

The acronym for time is Time Is Money Everyday. Everything for me is on time constraints. From the amount of time I workout, to the amount of time I’m spending writing blogs, how much time I spend recording podcasts, and the amount of time I spend writing books.

Everything is allocated and structured so I can get everything I need done. It’s more about getting the job done more than anything. My downtime is there but I don't like to waste too much of that either. There’s a laser, mental focus on everything I have to do.


I don’t spend a lot of time hangin’ out with family and friends and if I do, I know that I have to get work done before I go out. Or when I get home, I know that I need to get things done before I end my day. Sometimes when I’m riding in a car, I’m doing work or if I’m flying somewhere, I’m on my laptop, phone or iPad getting things done. 


When you’re as driven as me, you’ll do anything necessary to be productive. I’ve watched businessmen and entrepreneurs doing work when they’re on vacation, on airplanes, at the office late at night, they’re utilizing all of the time they can to get tasks done. 

Do I spend time on social media? Yes but not a lot. Do I watch TV shows and documentaries, yes I do. Do I watch sports? I definitely do but the only difference is, I’m multitasking, there’s something being done while I’m doing those things. 


When I go to the gym, it’s a 2 minute walk, it’s not getting in a car and driving to a gym. For me, that saves plenty of time of having to get myself prepared to go, then go, then drive back and everything after the workout. It’s much easier to go to the gym in my complex, get the workout in and be back in my apartment in two minutes. 


When I go for my bike ride and basketball workout, it’s 12 minutes to get to the park/church to get my workout in, an hour to an hour and fifteen minute workout and I’m back home within 15 minutes. It’s all time, convenience and comfort for me with my workouts. That’s how I get things done and how I stay mentally focused on what I want and need to do. 


I know that 35 of my 168 hours a week are allocated to my full-time job so I can live comfortably. The rest of those hours I have to utilize wisely and be sure that I’m doing what I need to do to get to the next step in my career and passion. 


Remember everyone, I’m meticulous and calculated, everyone can’t do what I do. But just know, I’m always working and time will always matter to me. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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