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168 Hours A Week
We all get 168 hours a week and it's about how we utilize it. We all have to allocate time to certain things. At the end of the day, we all have time to do the things we want, how are we utilizing our time daily?

You Can't Get Your Time Back
We always think we have time to do that. The reality is we don't and we can't get the time back that we lose out on. This blog delves into that today...

Allocating Your Time to the Right Things
I always go after my goals no matter what. The biggest thing is allocating your time to the right things. Time can be your friend but it can also be your enemy. I talk about how I allocate my time to the right things daily.

Everything Is Time For Me
The blog title explains itself but I wanted to write something that's important for me. I also wanted to write a blog that explains how and why time is everything for me. I'm on a great journey and every moment matters...

Time Waits For Noone
The blog is a good one to read. Time waits for no one and we have to stop thinking we have all of this time to do things we want to. I write about getting focused and sticking to what we want to accomplish.

Everything Takes TIME
Everything takes time, nothing happens overnight. This is all a process and nothing will come easy. I talk about that and other things in this blog.