Embracing My Journey

I don't sit and read books on entrepreneurship and "how to" books for numerous reasons. For one I'm an author and reaching an audience is hard enough as it is. Getting someone's attention these days takes serious dedication. With the distractions that are around us daily, sometimes even a book cover isn't going to get someone's attention.


For me, reading books would take time away from learning things on my own. I've learned a lot along the way within the short time frame that I have been publishing books. It takes a lot of different strategies, thought process and marketing yourself to readers and people who are truly interested in your book(s).


By the time I sit and read a book on what someone else did, I could've learned 3-5 things on my own that I can apply to what I'm doing. The reality is, I'm in a genre where no one wants to read it because of the stigmas and thoughts of it...poetry prose. My books are different from others and they're stories that will resonate in your mind and get you to think about life and what's going on around us.


So the title of this blog is for a reason. I tell people to do what works for them because at the end of the day, they can say they did it their way and no one else's. Don't fall in love with trying to do what everyone else is doing. You can take bits and pieces of what people are doing and apply it but not copy everything.


Embracing your own journey is easier said than done. When you see everyone else's success, don't get down on what you're doing, just continue to work on what you're great at. Just because someone did something and it worked for them, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you.


Just remember to keep doing the work and the results will show. Be good and go accomplish your goals.


Jamell Crouthers


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