Don't You Dare Give Up!

The title of this blog speaks for itself. I know a lot of you are going through the grind, the struggles, then uncertainties but I’m here to tell you, don’t you dare give up! You can take a break, rest yourself, recalibrate your mind but don’t give up on your goals and aspirations. 

I’m a story that you can follow and understand. I haven’t achieved the results I want or expect but this is just the process. These are the hurdles that I have to go through. I can do things the traditional way but it will be more costly for me in the long run. I’ve made investments that haven’t benefited me when it comes to getting my content seen and noticed. 


What I’m saying is, sometimes what you expect may not happen right away. What you’re hoping for will not come easy. The support system you seek may not be there from those closest to you. What you’re hoping for may be on the other side but you have to fight to get there. 


Dark tunnels lead to light pastures and some days aren’t going to be the greatest. Sometimes we forget that what we’re trying to achieve as far as our long term goals is longevity. We tend to see people’s endings of success and not see the grindin' that it takes to achieve the results and success they have. 


We tend to think maybe what we’re doing is not meant for us. We start to doubt ourselves after working hard for years and for so long. We start having uncertainties in our mind and we think it’s time to fold it up, give up and walk away. But did you forget that this is your passion? That this is what you love and want to do for the rest of your life? 


When I wrote the previous blogs about how bad you want it, I’ll reiterate this again. Building something big, special and will last beyond your lifetime takes dedication, drive, discipline and plenty of patience. Remember, the average amount of time it takes to build something special and keep it going is 8-10 years. It’s not to say it can’t happen sooner but sometimes you may achieve success early on but can’t maintain it.


Once again I will say, don’t you dare give up, the light at the end of the tunnel could be near. Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers 


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