Don't Doubt Yourself

You can do it! Trust me! You don’t think you can but you really can! There’s so many people who are doing what you’re doing right now and that’s chasing something bigger than them so please stop doubting yourself!


None of this is going to come easy so just know that everything takes time. It’s all a longevity game to achieve greatness. Sometimes things aren’t going to work out or go your way, it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. 


I’ve doubted myself for the longest but now that I’m a few years into this, I know that I’m good and I’m on the right path. I’ve changed website platforms three times. I’ve changed book covers to some of my books multiple times. I just removed my books from the Amazon platform, you think I’m questioning any of the moves I’ve made? Not really, it’s all a learning curve for me. 


You’re built for this, you just have to constantly believe in yourself and all that you’re doing. You have to have an innate desire to want to succeed and outwork whoever else is working toward their goals. You’re your own competition, it’s you who looks at yourself in the mirror every single day. 


You’re battling yourself, your mind, your heart, your soul and building that intestinal fortitude to keep going no matter what obstacles come your way. Sure you’re going to get knocked down a few times, but it’s not the end all, be all, believe me. 


When you were a kid learning to walk or ride a bike, you fell a few times before you gained your balance and your body and brain began to work in coordination with each other and then, boom you were off! It’s the same thing when it comes to getting to where you want to be in your life as far as your goals and aspirations. 


You’re not going to love yourself everyday on this journey, and you’re not going to want to do work everyday either, it’s okay. It’s okay to feel the way you do but don’t let those emotions and feelings stay inside of your mind, heart and soul. Know that these are temporary and momentary feelings you’re experiencing and they will subside in due time. 


Negative thoughts don’t pay rent inside of your mind, positivity in the results you’ll see down the road will ALWAYS win! Now go be great today and WIN!


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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