Big Goals With My Books

There are so many stories I hear where authors talk about wanting to be a NY Times Bestseller or an Amazon Bestseller. I never had those preconceived notions in my mind. It was to write the best stories possible, impact people, and get better with each book I write. 


Of course we all want to make a living with what we are passionate about but I always told myself, if I write great content and continually grow and build my audience, the rest will come. It’s a slow grind and process and I know that in due time, everything will fall into place. 


Continually growing my brand was always the name of the game for me. I’ve branched out and started a podcast. I consistently write blogs and do other things to grow and be diverse in my talents and abilities. My reality is different than everyone else’s when it comes to writing. 


As I grow and publish more books, I want to get to a place where some of my books are in colleges and universities. I would love it if my books are incorporated into classrooms and on a syllabus down the road at a prestigious college. That’s the name of the game for me and no one really thinks about those things. 


It’s always been about the content, not about me. These books are bigger than me and I want the content I’ve written and created to live on beyond my life. When I’m gone, I want my legacy to be that I sparked change in people’s minds, hearts and souls and that’s why I write the content that I do. 


Everything is a process for me and there’s nothing more fulfilling than writing books that I know will reach the masses when the time is right. So if you’re striving for something bigger than you, keep going, everyone’s day eventually comes. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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