99% or 1%

The title of this blog may have you wondering what it exactly means. I’m surely going to share and explain what 99% or 1% is. Ninety-nine percent means that, that’s the majority of the world and people living life on other people’s terms. They are working for someone else and their destinies are controlled. 

Ninety-nine percent are either living check to check, not fully living their lives, are comfortable in mediocrity, have accepted their fate and won’t go after their goals and passions. Ninety-nine percent will follow and listen to the motivational speakers, businessmen and businesswomen and won’t do the work after a certain amount of time. 


That’s what 99% of the world is and consists of. Now in regards to the 1%, they achieve success and financial freedom. Time matters to them and utilizing it to the best of their abilities. They make the right moves, do the right things, have failures and keep going, are determined to impact others and be successful in what they do. 


One percent control their destiny and continuously have goals. One percent made a decision at some point in their lives where they knew what they wanted to do and kept going no matter what happened. They became relentless in their vision and worked on it to achieve the greatness they have currently.


The 1% knew they would be successful no matter what it took. A lot of them don’t care for the houses, cars and lavish vacations, it just came with it when they achieved financial success. One percent wake up with an innate drive everyday and never get comfortable with their financial success. That’s the difference between 99% and 1%. 



Now comes the question of, what do you want to be? The 99% or the 1%? It’s not easy to be part of that 1% who are all about their vision and what they want out of life. It goes beyond just thinking of your goals, it’s actually working toward them every single day.


That’s my blog for today, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers



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