Never Forget Your Purpose In Life

The title of this blog is so necessary, and I want to express how important it is to never forget your purpose. When you figure out what you’re meant to do in your life and it’s your passion, you must embrace it and hone in on it. Sometimes in life, we get down on ourselves and we forget our purpose in life. We forget why we do what we do.


I don’t want anyone to lose focus or forget what they’re meant to do in life. Whether it’s running a store for a company, day trading, writing books or scripts, helping others and giving back, whatever it is, just know that anything with purpose should keep you driven daily. 


Life will constantly change, people will change around you, people will surely come and go, just remember to stay on your purpose and your grind. Your love for what you do should drive you and strive for greatness. The day you forget your purpose and lose motivation, is the way you’ll have to sit down and re-evaluate your life and what’s important.


I’ve had moments where I questioned everything that I’m doing from the books I’m writing, the blogs I write, the podcasts I record and the audio books I record. I’ve been on my journey for a few years and because I know this is my purpose, I know I have so much content, storytelling, motivation and inspiration to give to the world. 


Stay focused on your purpose and journey. Be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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