You Owe Yourself

The day you decide that you owe yourself success, that’s when the dynamic of your life will change. No one owes you anything in life. You work for what you get. You earn it all, no one becomes successful by sitting around doing nothing. 


All of the obstacles that you’ll face in your life are pushing you toward greatness. If you’re sitting down reading this right now, take the time to think of all of the things you’ve been through in your life. Is it fair to say that your experiences have shaped who you are today? I would say yes because experiences have shaped who I am today. 


Through all of your experiences in your life should make you realize that you owe yourself happiness, greatness, success and the ability to live comfortably. Why are you hindering yourself from going after your passion? What’s stopping you from achieving the pinnacle of happiness and success?


You owe yourself a great life, not a life of monotony. You owe yourself to do what makes you happy, not anyone else. Don’t think about your family, your friends or anyone else that’s within your inner circle. You owe you! You control your narrative and what your destiny will be. You get to put your plans to action. 


You think GOD or your guardian angels want you to not be happy? You think your life is supposed to be miserable and unfulfilling? It’s not, it’s up to you to make a conscious decision to utilize your talents and gifts that you’ve been blessed with to impact and change the world. It’s time to fulfill your own destiny and live the life you’ve always wanted!


That’s my blog, thank you for reading as always! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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