Writing "A Man's Plight 5"

A Man’s Plight 5 was a tough book to write. It’s because I know men who have experienced divorce and what they go through. To write about Ryan’s story and how his life changed financially at work that led to his divorce, it was rough. This is a story that had to be written, especially when I see a lot of this content being posted on social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. 


I see the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement that’s causing so much friction and division between men and women and it becomes mentally draining. I used to see the content posted on YouTube at great length and it saddened me. While I’ve never been married or have kids, I am empathic so I feel a lot of what men are going through.


Ryan’s story is like so many men who go through divorce. I’m not absolving men for their actions in a marriage and when those men go through divorce. I’m more focused on men who do all that they can to provide for their children and their wives and certain things happen beyond their control. Ryan’s situation in the story was his finances changed due to his career and it changed the dynamic of the marriage.


His divorce led to a myriad of things such as sadness, depression, an alcohol addiction and trying to keep it together from day to day. It’s a battle for him to see his children, spending quality time with them but dealing with the depression of having to drop them back home and not see them for potentially weeks at a time. I’m writing it from the perspective of Ryan living in a house and seeing his kids everyday to moving into an apartment the size of his bedroom and seeing his children alternating weekends if he’s lucky.


Yes, I grappled with taking some aspects of the men I know that has gone through divorce and just keeping it from a different perspective but the reality is most men deal with the things I’ve written in this story. Especially when it comes to not seeing their children, not being able to talk to them regularly and other things. 


Not every man ends up with an alcohol addiction or succumbs to drugs. Men deal with their pain in different ways so I can’t speak for all men when it comes to that. While these stories are all over the internet, putting it in s format for people to read is a different story. I want to be the spokesperson and author for men who are dealing with sadness and pain in their lives.


As always, I hope that I accomplish all that I need to with this story. To open eyes to how much men deal with when they get divorced. It’s not just the lawyer’s court, custody of children, it’s the emotional toll it takes on their minds, bodies and souls. 

A Man’s Plight 5 is available on B&N, Apple, Kobo, Scribd and other bookstores. Paperbacks are available on the Bookpatch!


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