What Satisfies Your Soul?

The title of this blog is important to me because what I’ve noticed a lot about the world is, people don’t explore who they truly are. So my question to you is, what satisfies your soul? What is something that you do daily that satisfies the deeper core of your soul?


We lose a sense of self when we become entrenched in the constant noise pollution and distractions of the world. Social media, technological devices, being advertised to constantly and daily, friends, family, work, making money, you name it, it’s there for us to be focused on.


Sometimes we forget to focus on ourselves and who we truly are. With job titles, labels, materialistic things we own, where we live, we tend to focus on those things and they don’t make or define who we really are. It’s our personalities, our energy, our love and passion for things, how we give and receive from others, what keeps our soul fulfilled, that’s what matters the most. 


When I take time to think about what satisfies my soul, it’s really the small, simple things we all do daily in our lives. Cooking myself dinner on Sundays, writing on a daily basis, reading good books that focus on social issues or the world, writing books, listening to music, getting daily exercise (in the gym or bike riding and basketball). 


They may sound mundane and the basic things but it’s necessary to have balance in your life. The beauty of all the things that satisfy my soul, I don’t need anyone to do them with. I am comfortable in doing things by myself or with others, I’m naturally a loner.


Please take the time to think about what satisfies your soul. What makes you happy, fulfilled, full of joy? Whether it’s working out, photography, writing, creating, traveling, being outdoors, cooking, find those one or two things that keep you going daily and enjoy them. Life is supposed to be a journey of fun, fulfillment and joy. 


Thanks for reading my blog, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers



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