Watching The World

The amount of time spent watching the world is astronomical. I’m always focused on things that can motivate or inspire me. The majority of my content comes from watching the world around me. With me being empathic, I feel so much and understand a lot of the world issues going on daily. 


Staying focused on various social issues is hard when I have so many I want to write about. I pay attention to stories, social media, conversations with people and their thoughts. It’s how the ideas formulate and keep coming to me. 


Sometimes I’ll spend time in parks or walking the city I used to live in with my music on and just watching what’s going on around me. I’ll read unbiased articles on social issues and what’s plaguing us. I’m immersing myself in whatever I can get my hands and mind on that will allow me to learn and write the stories that I do. 


I tend to watch television content and be able to get ideas from TV shows and movies to develop books. A TV show can give me an idea and I’ll write a book from a perspective that no one thought of and that’s the fun challenges I like to do with myself. How can I get someone to think from another perspective than what’s constantly being shown to them?


That’s where my fulfillment comes in. Especially when I can take on a challenge of writing stories that don’t directly impact me but other people in the world. It’s what most of my content is, subject matter that hasn’t affected me but has affected others that I know or people in the world. That’s the beauty of storytelling, the ability to shape minds and bring more conversations on making changes to better the world. 


Watching the world is good and bad for me. It has my heart on strings but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  That’s my blog for today, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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