They Want You Docile

Listen up, it’s time to share what you probably already know. The evil people who run the world want you docile and sedated. Not necessarily from a medication standpoint, but from all other aspects too. We all know the medical industry is bad news here in the United States so no need to delve into the business of the pharmaceutical industry. 


What I want to delve into is how they want us all to be robotic. Wake up, go to work, make corporations money, go home and repeat the cycle. Five day work week, two days to recover, that doesn’t add up to me at all. They don’t care about you and your well-being at all. 


When I say they want you docile, it’s in a mental state of just existence. Sadly, the majority of the world thinks they’re living but in actuality, people are just existing. There’s no substance to their lives other than work, paying bills and maybe doing something fun from time to time. The irony of it is, most corporations only give you two weeks of vacation time.


You have to spend a few years with a company before they give you an additional week of vacation time. Granted some companies are changing their culture regarding paid time off, the majority of companies have the same rules and regulations. If companies cared about your well-being, they wouldn’t have all of these guidelines for paid time off.


Working for a company everyday, to get off of work and want to be sedated. The constant distractions of allowing social media to use us instead of us using it as a tool to communicate (which we are starting to do more of these days). Television content to keep us docile and not wanting us to chase our goals, aspirations and dreams. 


We’ve become walking zombies where we don’t engage with others from an interpersonal level. Our social skills have declined and everything is on the internet. The internet is a gift and a curse, I won’t say it’s all bad but a lot of it is sad. 


Those who run and control the world want you to work for 40+ years to retire and that’s the end of life. No enjoyment, no fulfillment, you’re making them money and you’re binded to their evil intentions. 


How do we break away from it? By living our lives on our own terms and taking back control of who we’re meant to be. It’s being there for each other, blocking out the negativity, finding joy in what makes us happy and not living in a docile, monotonous state of existence. It’s fully living out all that we envision in our minds. 


It’s finding the ability to love ourselves, flaws and all. It’s learning that we’re not perfect and we can grow within ourselves. It’s getting through the tough moments in life, having a support system and building a community of togetherness. 


It’s about finding peace within our hearts, minds and souls. It’s eliminating all of the bad that comes our way, not falling into their agendas, propaganda and living in fear. It’s being fearless and standing up for what’s right. 


It’s loving ourselves and others no matter what race, ethnicity, skin color and really seeing the bigger picture of what’s being done to us. It’s controlling our own narrative, eating right, exercising, staying out of doctor’s offices and hospitals and not being the docile human beings they want us to be. 


Think about it, we can all achieve it, if we believe we can. 


Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate it greatly! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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