Set Expectations For Yourself

There’s one mistake we make and it’s we allow people to set expectations for us. We need to change that and it starts today. It’s time we start setting expectations for ourselves first and not letting the world dictate that. We spend too much time catering to what the world expects of us and it’s time to discuss this.


When we allow people to set expectations for us, we keep ourselves from finding who we truly are. What I mean by that is, we let the media tell us who to be, how to be and how to conduct ourselves. We live under this microscope from the world and then there’s also the people around us.


At work, there are expectations of us which is fine. But if you’re great at what you do, your supervisor or manager may start to expect more but then you’re not being compensated fairly for the work that you do. This is not all companies but a good amount when you think about it. When we take the time to set expectations for ourselves in the workplace, we find balance in our daily lives.


With our family and friends, it's great to have a support system, we all need it. We also have to set boundaries in regards to our closest people in our lives. They may have expectations of us and sometimes we may not be able to meet them. Does it make us bad people? No it doesn’t, we have our own lives, goals and things to take care of for ourselves.


When I say, we need to set expectations for ourselves, it’s making sure that we take care of ourselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Making sure that we’re happy within ourselves first before we pour into other people’s cups. 


It’s taking that day off from work if you’re feeling burnt out. It’s taking a few days from work to recharge the battery. It’s taking a day for ourselves to make sure we’re good and not focused on other people. It’s telling people no when you don’t feel up for doing something or going somewhere. It’s telling people no when you can’t do them a favor. It’s establishing boundaries for your own well-being.


Let’s start doing more for ourselves than others. It’s okay to have a big heart and want to do for others, but we also have to take care of ourselves too. 


Thanks for reading my blog, have a good week, be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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