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This is a blog I haven’t written yet and I’m surprised I haven’t. I don’t know why but I have surely recorded a few audiobooks. To date, I’ve recorded four audiobooks and the one thing I will say…it’s a process. It’s a tedious task and I’m going to break down how I record everything.


For starters, it’s important to get a good microphone and definitely have an enclosed space to drown out noise (closets are the best). Closets are closed in and will eliminate outside sound. I am sure to have comfortable slippers on since I will be standing for a long period of time. I use a flashlight since most closets are dark. 


Next is finding a device to record your content and utilizing an app to capture your audio content, I use an app called AVR from the Apple App Store. It captures your recorded audio but you can also use noise reduction to drown out any extra air noise so your audio sounds clear. 


In regards to the microphone, you want to have a divider that keeps the pop sound from recording. Pronunciation is how you record great content so be sure to do that when you’re recording. Talk at a decent pace and don’t rush it. If you have editing software to cut out mistakes, that’s great. I record every chapter in one shot, it saves me time with having to edit my mistakes. 

Take your time when recording your books and change your voice when necessary and to bring out the right emotions. You want the listener to feel what you’re saying and understand that you’re stressing important points within your story. Tone of voice goes a long way and being able to express that makes your story flow a lot better. 


Listening back to your recording is important. You want to make sure you sound right and that you can be understood. It’s a tedious process with recording books, but it’s worth it in the end. You know that all of the hard work was done by you and only you. Hiring narrators is costly either upfront or through royalties down the road and that’s something that has to be worked out ahead of time. 


That’s the jist of how I record my audiobooks and now you guys see why I don’t have many available as of yet. A lot of things have to be in place and in line for recording to happen, saving your files, publishing them on a platform to where you can make the most profit. Take time to research all of that, conduct yourself as a business but also as a creator.


With that said, that’s my blog, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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