Your Excuses Will Get You Nowhere

Everyone has busy lives and things to deal with. The only difference is there are people who have a 'no excuses' attitude and those who have them and don't do a thing. There's nothing worse than someone constantly talking to me about their ideas and goals and then I ask that one question, "what have you done to get closer to your goal?" Then comes *crickets* that's how it normally goes.


The one thing that's going to get you to the next phase of your journey is to stop making excuses as to why you haven't done the work. Most people want to make excuses to justify why they haven't done anything toward accomplishing their goals. We all have the same amount of time each day, it's just a matter of how we utilize each minute and each moment.


It's all about discipline, that's the name of the game. If you don't have that, you're not getting anywhere. That means sacrificing things in your life to get your goals accomplished. Whatever those things are, you have to be the one to figure that out. Once you figure those things out, you have to be all in, in making sure that those sacrifices you are making are going to get you closer to your end goal.


There's just no way in the world you can make excuses and expect people who are actually doing work to show sympathy or empathy for you. People who don't have goals will be willing to listen but the ones that do, you're basically messing up their vibe and their journey. People who have goals and are working at them daily will be the first ones to hold you accountable for your laziness and lack of mental focus.


I always say if you need someone to motivate you everyday and inspire you all of the time, you will not get to where you want to be. What that means is, you wake up every morning looking for someone or something to inspire or motivate you to do the work. Every once in a while, it is okay to look in the direction for some motivational words, but if it's needed everyday, it's time to re-evaluate what your purpose is and what kind of drive you have to succeed.


Excuses will unfortunately get you nowhere and most people aren't willing to listen to you. This game is about results and if you can't produce them, it's best if you move to the side to allow the ones who have been working to get to that next phase.


Now it's time to GET TO WORK!


Be good and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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