Money Is Not Happiness

The one thing famous people always say is, “money is not happiness.” It’s sad that people think money solves all of your problems. It honestly provides financial stability but not true happiness within you. You’ll still have the same problems as anyone else and the same stresses of life. It’s why I am no longer caught up in money.


I say this because I’ve found happiness in my passions, working out, being around good people, being to myself and creating all of the content that I do. When I achieve financial freedom and success, the money will just be an added component to my life. I don’t want it to be my life, chasing money will do nothing for me.


My happiness comes from within and digging deep into myself. It’s taken me a longtime to realize that even if I make it financially, buy a house, get the car I want, it’s not going to fulfill me. Society and culture had me thinking in my 20s that money will bring my happiness and comfort within my soul. Then I started to see what was being shown to me and I changed course.


I started immersing myself in people who are entrepreneurs but not flashy. They aren’t flossing what they have, they’re talking about the journey. When they started speaking on how their money doesn’t complete them, it made me feel better about myself. 

When I’m done with my journey of writing and creating, I want to be remembered for impacting others, not being fixated and focused on money. It’s about loving the journey and the process of my happiness. Everyday is a new opportunity to grow and learn about myself.


That’s my blog for today, thank you guys for reading my content. Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals! 


Jamell Crouthers 


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