Learning From The World

The biggest thing in my journey of writing is learning from the world. I learn in so many ways. Whether it’s reading an article, watching a documentary, having a conversation with someone, or watching and observing the world. I’m always sure to give myself a chance to learn something new that will help me with creating new content. 


The opportunities to soak in knowledge to help you grow is imperative. The biggest way I learn is by listening to others. I ask questions about their experiences and try to soak up the knowledge I need. The reason why I do this so much is because a lot of my content comes from conversations. 


We have to remember we can learn more from each other, experiences and seeing the world from different perspectives. It’s stories that help shape this world today whether they are good or bad stories. Progress, growth and becoming a sponge in knowledge is what it's all about. 


Let the world be your learning curve, let other people’s experiences allow you to see the world from various perspectives. Love and embrace the journey of constantly learning about yourself and others. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers 


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