I Challenge You 2

Today is another blog challenging you. I want you to be great this year and for the rest of your life in what you love to do. Whether it’s art, writing, business, marketing, any career that you want to pursue. This blog will be one big challenge that comes with layers. Are you ready? Here we go!


The one big challenge I want you all to do is, to find one person in your life to challenge each other. I need you to think of someone who is important in your life, whether it’s a parent, sibling, best friend, whoever it is, someone that may motivate and inspire you daily. 


What I want you to do with this one person of your choosing is to motivate, inspire and push each other to be great. Sit down with them and talk about your goals for the year. Write them out, read them out loud (it helps with it getting into your subconscious mind), be encouraging with each other in what your goals are.


The next component of this is to hold each other accountable with accomplishing your goals. Take the time to talk to each other daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. You can set a plan for how you both want to do things. This will be the biggest part of accomplishing your goals, having someone to hold you accountable.


Life will get busy, things will happen, and you both need to be able to communicate to each other where you are in your journey to completing and accomplishing your goals. Maybe you both have a zoom call, or a phone call, a lunch, dinner to meetup, catch up and talk about your journey. 


The goal at the end of the day is to climb the mountain together to greatness. When you’re climbing a mountain together, you have to stick together, stay focused on taking one step at a time. If one slips, the other is there to make sure you don’t fall. You both want to climb the mountain to success and greatness. 


You may not get to where you want right away, but you will surely get there. A support system is important in whatever you’re doing in life so go find someone that will keep you on tabs with your goals!


Thanks for reading my blog, have a good week and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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