How Are You Doing?

Today, I want to ask you, how are you doing? It’s rare that we get asked that and people truly care about how you’re doing. We always give the cliche, “I’m good,” or “I’m fine.” But are we really? That’s something we need to truly ask ourselves.


Let’s start with where you are mentally. On a scale from 1-10, how are you doing mentally and what’s the reason for that rating? How are you handling the day to day of your life from a mental standpoint? Are you feeling good or are there some things that you want to improve on? 


We all go through things mentally from time to time. We tend to push it away and think it will go away or we will deal with it another time. Sometimes we need to handle it in the moment so we can find clarity and find answers.


Next, how are you feeling physically? Are you in a good space where you move your body daily through exercise, stretching? Are you getting enough sleep and getting the right nutrients to keep your body going daily? If you’re tired, are you listening to your body and getting the necessary rest you need? Sometimes we think we need only six hours of sleep when we might need an additional hour or two to make sure we are good. 


How are you feeling emotionally? Are you in tune with you and what you’re dealing with from day to day? Is the relationship with yourself good first? Are you handling your emotions the way you want or are there opportunities to do better for yourself and others? How are you handling your relationships with others emotionally? Are people understanding your needs? That’s important and if they don’t know, it’s good to speak your mind on these things.


Where are you spiritually on a scale of 1-10? Are you feeling good daily or are there days where you don’t feel your best? What’s the reason why you’re not feeling your best? Is it your living situation, your mind, the weather, work, family stuff, relationships, friendships? Let’s get to the crux of what you’re feeling and going through spiritually. 


Let’s stay focused on where “you” are currently in your life. If there are things you can change and control, take the opportunity to do that. The goal is to get you to think about where you are in life and what can be done to improve things or make things better.

Always remember, your happiness is important and it comes first. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for others. Take care of yourself first, then you can focus on everyone else. 


Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate you as always. Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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