Different Environments Produce Different Results

One thing that I can truthfully say is, when I change environments, the feel of what I’m doing changes. What I mean by that is, when I’m sitting to do work, depending on where I am will determine the results. It’s always good to do work in different places sometimes, it may spark an idea or outlook you wouldn’t think of. 


To say that I’ve written every single book in the same place would be silly. I’ve written books in three different homes, in various cars, on trains, airplanes and plenty of other places. It’s to say that stepping out of your comfort zone is going to help you achieve whatever it is that you want in life.


In 6 ½ years, I’d be remiss to say that a change in environment didn’t spark, inspire, influence or pump more energy into me to get my writing down. I say this to tell you, don’t be fixated on being in one specific place to get a lot of your work done. If you’re an aspiring music artist, it’s a little different as studios or your home has a certain feel that gets you in that zone. 


Changing your environment can bring an outcome that you will love and keep you looking for the next place of inspiration. As I said with my journey, conversations with people, meeting new people, being in a certain environment gets my juices flowing. Let the world be your oyster and place for inspiration and motivation. 


Don’t hinder yourself from seeing the world and what it has to offer. Breaking out of the monotony of being in an office or a home office will refresh you. A simple walk through your neighborhood may get your mind flowing. A short drive in a favorite area of where you live can get ideas from everywhere. 


Get out and see what comes of being around others and never stop building! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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