Challenging Yourself

The biggest part of growth in what you're doing is challenging yourself. To keep from boredom hitting, it's always good to take up a new challenge. I’m not going to be just about writing books, I’m always trying to challenge and expand my talents. Now I've taken the next step to writing screenplays and films. It's one of the biggest challenges I've done in quite some time.


My newfound love and venture as stated in my previous blogs started when I first got back home from my LA trip. Since then, I've been focused on writing different films dealing with societal issues that we face today. I've been working on long films but also short films. That's the new thing in today's television and movie world, the shorter films.


I've written some short films and my newest one is about a young teenager who has multiple personality disorder (dissociative identity disorder). Writing short films, you have to always delve into the subject matter quickly or you'll lose your audience. Plus, you don't have long to get your point across in what message you're trying to tell.


Short films are challenging as they can be from 8-15 pages and depending on what people are looking for, you have to be cognizant of the content and whether you can write it in that page frame. Me challenging myself to write and focus on different areas, it's allowing me to be diverse in my writing and not being fixated on one specific subject area.


So when you're faced with being stagnant or bored in any way, step outside of your comfort zone and do something different with your passion. You will be surprised at how gifted and talented you are in other subject areas than you thought.


Embrace and enjoy the journey that you’re on. Nothing is going to be easy, there will be a lot of ups and downs. Just don’t lose hope in what your goals are and keep your vision alive!


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals


Jamell Crouthers


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