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The Importance of Music While Writing
Friday-Book Insight  · 26. March 2021
Music is a huge component to my success as a writer and author. I talk about some of the music artists I listen to and the impact music has on me daily.

Music Artists I Listen To When I Write
Friday-Book Insight  · 29. January 2021
This blog, I share the artists I listen to when I write my books. It's not who I think and it will surprise you a bit. My taste in music varies and surely depends on my mood.

Music I Listened To Writing The 'Code Blue Series'
Friday-Book Insight  · 07. August 2020
To get into a zone to write the Code Blue series, I had to find the right music. I talk about how I was able to write such a powerful series about police brutality and other things going on in America today.