Being An Introvert

There’s one thing that has helped me on my writing journey and throughout my life, I’m an introvert. I’m quiet, inquisitive and I pay attention to the little things. I’ve learned who I am as I get older and in large crowds or situations, I’m more observant before I talk. 


I pay attention to details with the world, people and things around me. I think being an introvert has allowed me to soak everything that's happening in the world. It’s reading articles, listening to people’s stories, watching the stories and landscape of social media, it’s all helped me in so many ways.


Sometimes the book ideas come to me through just being in the moment. Processing things, thinking in depth, having conversations with people and it comes to me. By letting things flow, writing and creating content has been smooth and I’m thankful for that. 


Everyone wonders why I don’t talk a lot or I am to myself, there’s a reason for all that I do. I like to observe environments, I like to feel people out, see who’s intriguing or interesting to talk to and I can decide who’s worth putting time and effort into in a crowd setting. 


My introverted personality comes from being an only child, being a loner, a mindset of being quiet and knowing who I am as I get older. So if you’re an introvert, embrace it, you’re different from others and there’s nothing wrong with it. It has allowed me to grow as a man, writer, author and content creator. 


That’s my blog, thanks for reading as always! Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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