Beast Mode

Everyone talks about “beast mode” all of the time. Whether you see it on motivational videos on YouTube or social media postings, everyone is utilizing that to push themselves to greatness. There are those that are really doing it and some who are just posting it on social media for clout, likes and attention. Now, you must be wondering, what does “beast mode” look like for you?


What “beast mode” looks like for me is relentlessly working everyday. It’s thinking, planning, organizing and going after my goals. It’s consistently writing new books and content on a daily basis. It’s planning and writing books months and potentially a year ahead of time. It’s creating book covers for books I haven’t even written outlines for yet. 


Beast mode is recording 3-6 podcasts after working my full-time job for the day. It’s posting my podcasts and setting a day and time for them to be posted and moving onto the next thing I need to focus on. It’s spending weekends in my apartment writing blogs months ahead of time and having them posted on my website for the publication date. 


Beast mode is writing, editing, formatting, creating a book cover (ahead of time), doing the spine, writing the synopsis, and putting my books on bookstore websites ahead of time. Then ordering paperback copies and having them to look at for review and posting them on my social media platforms. 


That’s what my beast mode consists of and so many more things. What’s your beast mode? How do you get into that zone and get work done? What is your drive, destination and discipline on your journey? Are you ready for the grind? The hours of dedication to get your goals accomplished?


The time is always now to get to work and accomplish all that you’ve set your mind to. It’s “BEAST MODE” time! That’s my blog, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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