Are You Becoming Better?

With everyday that passes, are you becoming better? I’m not just talking about what you’re striving for as far as your goals. I’m talking about becoming better mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Are you continuously becoming better at the core of who you are as a human being?


Are you working on becoming stronger mentally with any tough times you may experience and go through. Are you working on staying away from negativity and stressful situations you don’t need to be involved in? Are you staying away from toxic people who keep you down and don’t push you to be great? Those are the things that we forget to work on at being better at daily.


Are you in good spirits most days? Are you taking in positive words of affirmation? Are you speaking positivity into your mind, heart and soul? Sometimes we forget to work on our spirits and remove ourselves from bad situations that don’t make us better human beings. 


Are you emotionally stable and not letting anyone bother or get to you? Are you focusing on your goals and keeping your emotions in check when people test you? These are things you should ask yourself when it comes to your emotions. 


When I ask if you’re becoming better, it’s not necessarily at your craft but as a person. It’s whether you’re working to be great as a human being, a leader, a person of good character and stature. We are not perfect but we should always be working on bettering ourselves daily. 


Be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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