Passion Fuels The Journey

I want you all to know that your passion will fuel your journey. When you do what you love, you will wake up daily with a drive. You’ll be determined to win, be happy and impact people in the world. You will be passionate when you speak to others about what you’re doing. 


You will love the journey, the good, bad and ugly parts of it. You will be open and willing to learn all that’s meant to come to you. You will know that your love for what you do will inspire and motivate those you impact daily. There will be people drawn to you because of what you do, your aura, your energy and your personality. Especially if you’re kind to others and looking to help people in their pursuit of happiness.


Your passion will keep you happy and grounded through anything and everything. Money will not be the huge component to your success. Your success will come from those you impact and those you can help to get to where you are. Your passion will give people the ability to chase after their goals and dreams in life. 


You will love the journey daily and nothing will hinder you from going after your goals. Awards and accolades will sound great but it won’t be your driving force. You will love the long days, the long nights, the early mornings, being tired but continuing to keep going. You will embrace the pitfalls and know that the chips will always fall where they may. 


When passion fuels your journey, you’ll care about how many people you can bring with you on the road to happiness and success. The bumps in the road are just obstacles to you and your down days will fuel you to be better the next day, the next week and the next month. Your goals will be constant and you’ll be consistent in all that you do. 


Keep that passion and drive in you, don’t lose it. Don’t lose your love for what you do. All you need is a few who understand your journey and you’re destined for greatness. That’s my blog for today, be good everyone and go accomplish your goals!


Jamell Crouthers


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