Published Books

Below are a few of my published books, the top column are series of 5 books, the bottom column are standalone books. If you click the book cover, it will take you to my Amazon page. Clicking the 'More' link will take you to all other bookstores

The Struggles and Growth of a Man Part 1

Sometimes as men, we don't get to voice our struggles and what we go through. This is a journey inside of Robert's mind. He's our spokesman for a lot of what goes on in our world and how we perceive the world full of social stigmas and expectations. 

Code Blue: An Oath to the Badge and Gun Part 1

Gary always felt he would make an impact on the police force and his community. Until he found out his coworkers and superiors aren't abiding by the oath they's a series from a police officer's perspective. 

Kids With Guns Part 1

A controversial book series that tackles gun control laws in America and school shootings. While school shootings have continued to happen, the question is why does it keep happening? This series tells a story of a school shoot but not from the perspective you would think....

The World We Live In Part 1

You never know what people are going through in life until you hear their stories. These stories will make you emote, feel and react in some way. It's a series that will hopefully change the way we think about life. There's at least one character you will relate to in some way...

I Woke Up A Black Man

Imagine waking up a black man and having to live the life of your best friend? Imagine having to walk in the shoes of someone who has told you what he deals with on a regular basis? That's what happened to Eric...

The World In Ruins

A book that tells of a future that may not be guaranteed if we don't change our ways...the planet is in trouble and it's time we strap our shoes together and fight to save it. The story of Derek's dream will tell of a troubled planet we live on.

America Under Mind Control

Sometimes we don't realize how mind controlled we are until we take the time to think about it. This book delves into it from a perspective you've never thought of before and will make you question things...

America, A Country Divided

A few controversial topics of that keep us as a nation divided and it's done intentionally. A book that will make you think a little about how this country and world is structured to keep us fighting against each other.